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  • What Does Electronicho Do?
    Electronicho is focused on serving the Gamer community of Durango and also its students in this State, and being able to bring computer systems from the United States to Durango at the lowest possible price. As its main activity, Electronicho focuses on the management of electronic items, especially those that serve the gamer community of Durango, items such as gamer computers which were already very popular in the past years, today they have not exceeded fashion, since its updating and technical improvement capabilities have been and continue to be one of the best, more, however, the gamer community of Durango as well as Mexico have opted for comfort and portability which leads to obtaining Laptops Gamer and Portable Consoles and which today have high performance in terms of processing and memory as well as the ability to run almost any video game which requires having an excellent graphics card in your computer for optimal performance. Not only do we have very low prices, but all gamer computers and gamer laptops, as well as portable consoles and computer systems for students are new and brought from the United States, since many of them are usually These items are not found in Durango and if you were to find them, you usually find them at much higher prices. With students from all areas of Durango, Canatlán, Gómez Palacio, Santiago Papasquiaro, etc., we would like to make a commitment to offer them very low prices on basic but good quality computers, since we know first-hand the need It is essential to have a good computer system and be able to perform in your activities as a student. In Durango there are obviously department stores in which you could obtain a computerized payment system, but the reality is that you will end up paying a much higher amount for the accumulated interest, we know that this only generates concern and anguish when taking responsibility for a loan , so we look for the lowest prices according to what you need and immediately we get to work obtaining that equipment at a much lower price than any electronics outlet in Durango.
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